amg International develops, manufactures and sells stents, stent implantation systems and balloon catheters, which are used in interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular as well as in the non vascular field. That is why we call ourselves – The Stent Company.

Stents, which are tubular medical devices made of metal and/or polymers, have historically been used to keep blood vessels open in the coronary and peripheral vascular areas since the interventional cardiology market began to flourish in 1994. Given their ability to keep constricted blood vessels dilated for longer periods of time with reduced need for more frequent follow-up patient visits, the vascular stent was quickly adopted by physicians. Based on the tremendous demand coming from several sides of world’s leading cardiologist associations the global medical device industry started manufacturing various stent products. At this time amg was founded in December 1997.

According to amg’s mission the company’s business encompasses the development and commercialization of coronary and peripheral stent implantation systems, as well as auxiliary products such as guide wires and inflation devices on a worldwide basis. amg International aims to provide the cardiologist with a continuous flow of innovative new products. For this reason, strong emphasis is placed on new projects, so that products with state-of-the-art technology are always available to the customer.