ARTHOSPico Cobalt Chromium Stent

with Hydrophilic Coating

The ARTHOSPico is a multicellular Cobalt-Chromium stent that offers strength, stability, and flexibility for treating the most difficult lesions. The Co-Cr Stent is indicated for patients with coronary heart disease. It is inserted in coronary vessels with a diameter of 2.0 to 4.0 mm. It is used for the treatment of de-novo and restenotic lesions in coronary arteries and vein-bypass-grafts.


> Co-Cr stent provides strength and stability, while maintaining a high level of flexibility and vessel conformity
> Minimal strut thickness (65 μm) for optimal performance and small vessel stenting
> Excellent outward radial force in a low profile stent

Cobalt Chromium

> Co-Cr technology approximately 70-80% stronger than stainless steel
> Radiopacity in an ultra thin stent provides excellent visibility
> Open cell stent design and ultra thin struts provide excellent strength while maintaining flexibility

Delivery System

> Highly flexible delivery catheter to facilitate navigation of tortuous anatomy
> Good pushability for crossing difficult lesions
> Low profile to access difficult lesions

Clinical Trials

1. Publication in press.
2. PIPA Spanish Registry: Principal Investigatior Dr. Eulogio Garcia, Hospital Gregorio Maranon, Madrid.
3. Gyöngyösi M., Zenker G., Wallner H., Heigert M., Siostrzonek P. and Glogar D.: Results of the ARTHOS Pico Austrian Multicenter Registry.
Cardiovascular News 2004; Issue 9; 19-20.
4. Lefebvre JM, Fourrier JL, Leroy F: Preliminary results of PIVER (Pico Small Vessel Registry) Cardiology International 2004; Vol. 5 N0.2: 42-44.

Technical Specifications

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