FACILE ADVANCE Self Expanding Stent

Highly durable bi-directional nitinol stent
One-Hand Trigger (Gun Handle)

The FACILE ADVANCE Self Expanding Stent combines highly durable nitinol stent with a flexible one-handed delivery system.

Flexibility & Strength

> Unique Wave Design provides flexibility without sacrificing radial strength
> Flexible Connectors provide high resistance against bending, torsion, and compression stress
> Highly Flexible Delivery Catheter facilitates navigation of tortuous anatomy

Accuracy & Ease of Use

> Nitinol Stent with tantalum markers provides excellent visibility under fluoroscopy
> Minimal Foreshortening ensures accurate positioning and placement
> Delivery Catheter ensures accurate and easy 1:1 delivery

Enhanced Catheter

> Durability for greater shelf life and improved pushability
> Accuracy provided through lower deployment force for more accurate stent placement
> Integrated Connector Port for ease of flushing and injection of contrast material
> Usable working Lengths of 80 and 120 cm, guided over 0.035” guidewire

Technical Specifications
Stent Delivery System

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